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Metadata Guidance

WMO Core Profile of the ISO 19115 metadata standard

This page is the top level of the guideline material for users of the WMO Core Profile of the ISO 19115 metadata standard. This is the standard for metadata used within WIS for discovery of data sources.


The index page will help you navigate through the guidlines on the WMO Core Profile (WIS Discovery metadata) and to access information more directly.

Top level structure of the metadata guidelines

The main sections of the guidelines are:

WMO Core Profile definition

The documentation of the WMO Core Profile is in two parts:

A machine readable version of the code lists used in the WMO Core Profile is also provided:

The current version of the WMO Core Profile is version 1.3, approved by Executive Council in 2013.

Guidlines on using the WMO Core Profile

Optional elements in WIS Discovery Metadata?.
Expressing data policy in WIS Discovery Metadata (including Resolutions 25 and 40 restrictions).
Conformance to the WIS Discovery Metadata standard.

Metadata Style Guidelines.

Changes to the WMO Core Profile

(WMCP = WMO Core Metadata Profile)

The current Manual on WIS (that contains the definition of the WMO Core Profile) and approved updates to that version are available from the Wiki page on the WIS Manual

Requests for changes to the WMO Core Profile should be proposed to the WMO secretariat by National Focal Points for WIS Metadata using an online form.

There is a list of requests for changes to the WIS Discovery Metadata (WMO Core Profile).

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