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This is the static archive copy of the old wiswiki, decommissioned on June 1 2020



Index of Experimental Guidance on WIS Discovery Metadata

Formal guidance on WIS metadata

Formal guidance on WIS metadata is in Part V of WMO-No. 1061 Guide to the WMO Information System.

The contents of the wiki supplement that guidance.

Pages in the wiki

Regulatory Material

Page topic Page
Top Level WmoCoreMetadata
Regulatory material MDG_Reg
Part 1 MDG_Spec1
Part 2 MDG_Spec2
Schemas MDG_Schema
Code lists MDG_RegCodeList

Specific Guidelines referred to in the regulatory material

Page topic Page
Specific guidance referenced in regulatory material MDG_Guide
Optional elements MDG_Options
Data policy MDG_DataPolicy
Testing conformance MDG_Test

Guidelines specific to application areas

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