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Purpose and scope

WWW Data Management (WWW/DM) is the component within the WWW system that provides the support functions needed for the orderly and efficient overall management of meteorological data and products of the WWW system, in particular the standardised representation of data and metadata, and coordinates the monitoring of data availability and quality. The underlining principle in the WWW/DM design is the integration of the GOS, GTS, and GDPFS facilities into an efficient, well-coordinated, comprehensive system. The WWW/DM activities contribute to the development, implementation and operation of the WMO Information System (WIS).

Data and metadata representation

The standardisation of the representation of the weather, water and climate data and metadata is essential to ensure an orderly and efficient share and use of the information between WMO Members from the provider to the user. The Manual on Codes contains the WMO international codes for representing weather, water and climate data and other related geophysical data. Metadata, which are generally defined as data about data, are specifically defined within the WIS as:

  • Metadata required for the Discovery, Access and Retrieval (DAR) facility of the WIS;
  • Operational catalogues required for the use of the data.


The objectives of the monitoring are to improve the performance of the World Weather Watch (WWW), in particular the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation of the GOS, GDPFS and the GTS on a national, a regional and a global level. Real-time monitoring activities are the activities carried out by the WMO Members quickly enough to allow remedial action to be taken in time to be of value in day-to-day meteorological work. The purpose of non-real-time monitoring is to keep under review the general performance of the WWW and to identify shortcomings which may persist after real-time monitoring has been carried out.





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