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Purpose and scope

The objectives of the quantity and quality monitoring are to improve the performance of the World Weather Watch (WWW), in particular the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation of the GOS, GDPFS and the GTS.

Quantity monitoring

  • The Rapporteur on WWW Monitoring reviews and coordinates the continuous improvement of the current WWW monitoring,  and reviews the overall monitoring requirements for the WIS with a view to developing the WIS monitoring scheme.
  • The Expert Team on GTS-WIS Operations and Implementation (ET-OI)  is tasked to monitor the GTS-WIS operational information flow.
  • The Secretariat coordinates the implementation of the monitoring exercises (AGM, SMM, SAM, IWM)

Quality monitoring

CSB has designated Lead Centres to be responsible for monitoring particular data types, and to generate six-monthly reports on suspected low quality stations/platforms. These reports are distributed by WMO to Members so that they can take appropriate remedial action, again with the assistance of the nationally designated focal points.





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