Circular Letters and Questionnaires

Making the WIS Operational
In February 2012 - A circular letter was sent to all Permanent Representatives announcing that the WMO information system is operational. The letter asked the PRs to identify the principal GISC (see that through whom, they will be uploading their metadata into WIS. The letter also asked them to identify a focal point for WIS/GTS activity and to review existing metadata records in WIS that relate to GTS traffic from their state or territory. A copy of the circular letter is available below.

Nomination of GISCs and DCPCs
In December 2009,a circular letter (see below) has been sent to Members with copy to Technical Commissions requesting potential GISCs and DCPCs to provide information on WIS capabilities for the ET-GDDP in order to demonstrate their capabilities to CBS Ext 2010 for CBS endorsement to Congress in 2011.

This information is being collected via an online form. Guidelines for filling out the questionnaire are at and the online form is at

In October 2008, a circular letter (see below) has been sent to Members with copy to Technical Commissions seeking their identification of potential GISCs and DCPCs for an inaugural list of potential WIS centres to be presented to CBS-XIV and Executive Council-LXI in 2009.

Three enquiries were previously made to Members, Technical Commissions and Programme Managers in connection with the planning and design process for the WMO Information System (WIS). These included:

  • in 2004 a letter directed to the Technical Commissions requesting input to the concept of WIS as a system to be used by all WMO and WMO-sponsored programmes;
  • in 2006 a questionnaire to Members surveying their potential contributions to WIS including identifying likely functional centres and associated information content;
  • in 2007 a questionnaire to WMO Programme Managers within the Secretariat and to the Presidents of Technical Commissions seeking feedback on user requirements for WIS.

Results of these enquiries have been included in the production of the initial Review of Requirements process, in the design of the Functional Architecture of WIS and in the specifications of WIS interfaces as described in the Compliance Specifications for WIS. These documents are all available on the WIS Reference Web page.
Current WIS Questionnaires Previous Questionnaires
Letter to PRs (13 October 2014):

Confirmation of Focal Points for matters related to the operation of the WMO Information System


  1. To Technical Commissions (Aug 2004) - English
  2. Survey on potential contributions to WIS (May 2006) -English
  3. Requirements gathering exercise for WIS Project Management (Aug 2007)- English
  4. Identification of potential GISCs and DCPCs (Oct 2008)
  5. WIS capabilities demonstration of potential GISCs and DCPCs (1 Dec 2009)
  6. Request for PRs to nominate Principal GISC and WIS/GTS Contact Point (10 Feb 2012)
To see the latest results of the identification of GISCs, DCPCs and NCs go to the WIS online data base of centres.


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