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Publications concerning Surveys

1. PWS Summary Guide to Survey Design and Delivery    (View)

Note: This Summary Guide is based on the “Introduction to Survey Design and Delivery” produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Coastal Services Centre - (No. 2 below).

2. “Introduction to Survey Design and Delivery (View)

3. Sample Tried-and-Tested Survey Questionnaires on Service Delivery by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs)(View)

4. Service Assessment: Hurricane/Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy, October 22–29, 2012 (view)

Survey Questionnaires and Results


From Year  
Survey on Service Delivery   2015

Survey Report


Survey responses by country

WMO Public Weather Services (PWS) Focal Point Survey on Media
PWS Expert Team on Communication, Outreach and Public Education Aspects of PWS Delivery (ET/COPE)

Survey Report



Survey Analysis:







Public User Survey – METRO & REGIONAL
(V3) (Ref: 2404)

Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)



Public User Survey – RURAL
(V3) (Ref: 2404)

Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)

2009 Survey
Public User Survey
A Report of Research

Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)

2010 Survey Report
'Findings of the 2008 survey' and Feedback on the usefulness of the
“Summary Guide to Survey Design and Delivery”

Hydrometeorological Centre (Republic of Belarus)
2010 Survey report

Executive summary on the survey "The DWD and Severe Weather Warnings"

Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) (Germany) 2006 Survey Report

Public Opinion Survey on the Accuracy of Weather Forecasts in Hong Kong 2010

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) (Hong Kong, China)

Usage & Attitudes
Omnibus Research

Met Éireann (Ireland)

2001 Survey Results
Survey on the quality and quantity of information provided to the general public The Seychelles - Survey
South African Weather
Service Stakeholder Perception

South African 2009 Report

Public Attitudes and Satisfaction: quantitative research


The Met Office, UK 2009 Survey Results
NWS Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey National Weather Service (NWS) (NOAA), USA 2010 Survey
Survey on Improving the Delivery of Public Weather Services PWSP of WMO 2008 Survey and Results
Survey on Severe Weather Warning Services PWSP of WMO 2006



Survey on Effectiveness of PWS


PWSP of WMO 2005 Results
Survey of Indian Ocean Meteorological and Hydrological Services requirements for disaster reduction, including Tsunamis PWSP of WMO 2005 Survey




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