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Pilot Projects: Technical Commissions

While the preparation of an over-arching WIGOS Development and Implementation Plan (WDIP) will be the crucial centerpiece of the planning and implementation of WIGOS, Congress felt that undertaking at the earliest possible stage several WIGOS Pilot Projects would be useful to test WIGOS concepts, identify problem areas and to help in elaborating the WDIP.  Pilot Projects will emphasize the role and contributions to be made by the Technical Commissions. The following Pilot Projects were designed:

Pilot Project I:

Pilot Project II:Global Hydrological Network (further details);

Pilot Project III:Integration of AMDAR into WIGOS

Pilot Project IV: Elaboration of the underpinning/crosscutting role and responsibilities of the Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme in the context of WIGOS;

Pilot Project V: Integration of Marine Meteorological and other appropriate Oceanic Observations into the WMO Global Observing Systems. (see further details)

Pilot Project VI:Global Space-based Inter-calibration System Pilot Project for WIGOS 

Pilot Project VII:GCOS Reference Upper Air Network Pilot Project for WIGOS

Demonstration Projects at NMHSs

WMO emphasized that support and involvement of NMHSs and Regional Associations in the implementation of WIGOS concept was a crucial factor for ensuring important benefits for all Members.  Helping Members to more fully understand WIGOS and keeping them informed on its practical development should be considered as an essential component in WIGOS implementation. This can be achieved through launching Demonstration Projects in selected NMHSs.  These NMHSs will be at the operational end of the WIGOS implementation demonstrating how to initiate and keep WIGOS together with WIS component. Feedback and lessons learnt from these NMHSs will be extremely beneficial in understanding others’ expectations of WIGOS/WIS concept implementation.

Candidates for ”test-bed” Demonstration Projects include the following NMHSs: Kenya, Namibia, Morocco (RA I), the Republic of Korea (RA II), Brazil (RA III), United States of America (RA-IV), Australia (RA V) and the Russian Federation (RA VI).

RA I - Kenya *

RA I - Morocco

RA II - Republic of Korea (see http://web.kma.go.kr/eng/wigos/index.jsp for more details)

RA III - Brazil


RA IV - United States of America


RA V - Australia

RA VI - Russian Federation


RA VI - RA project





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