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WMO Publication No. 9, Volume A, Observing Stations 

and WMO Catalogue of Radiosondes

Important Note: OSCAR/Surface was launched officially on 2 May 2016, thereby replacing WMO No. 9, Volume A, Observing Stations and WMO Catalogue of Radiosondes.

All changes to surface-based observing stations ought now to be made as follows:

  • directly by OSCAR/Surface National Focal Points using OSCAR/Surface web interface,
  • through Machine to Machine interface between national database of WIGOS metadata and OSCAR/Surface,
  • through GAWSIS for Global Atmosphere Watch Stations,
  • through JCOMMOPS for marine meteorological and oceanographic observing stations,
  • through the WMO Weather Radar Database (WRD) for operational weather radars.

A "legacy" version of Volume A (see below) will continue to be published after 2 May 2016 until the end of 2018. However, the "legacy" format is not 100% compatible with the traditional format described below (see differences below). More detail about this transition can be found in the WWW Operational Newsletter.

Historical information about Volume A can be found here.

Contact: oscar[at]wmo.int



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