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Historical WMO Publication No. 9, Volume A,
Observing Stations 

and WMO Catalogue of Radiosondes

Important Note: OSCAR/Surface was launched officially on 2 May 2016, thereby replacing WMO No. 9, Volume A, Observing Stations and WMO Catalogue of Radiosondes. A "legacy" version of Volume A (see below) will continue to be published after that date and for a transition period of two years. However, the "legacy" format is not 100% compatible with the traditional format described below (see differences below). More detail about this transition can be found in the WWW Operational Newsletter.

Volume A contained a complete list of all the surface and upper-air stations in operation, which are used for synoptic purposes.  The contents are arranged in the order of the WMO Regions and in index number order within each Region.  The regional sections are followed by sections containing stations in the Antarctic and Ocean Weather Stations.

The Volume A modification to accommodate station coordinates with higher precision was developed following the recommendation of CBS-EXT. (06) and approval of EC-LIX. The Secretariat released a Letter of notification of the revised changes to Members with a request for updated information of their stations in accordance to the new specifications.

Volume A (High precision)
(CD-ROM version issued annually)

In order to maintain and improve the accuracy of information contained in Volume A, Members were kindly requested to advise the Secretariat of any amendments by completing the appropriate Feedback Form

Contact: wmo@wmo.int

WMO Catalogue of Radiosondes and Upper-air wind Systems

In addition to the information included in Volume A for upper-air stations, the catalogue provided information on the type of radiosonde, windfinding equipment, ground systems, radiation corrections applied to temperature observations and other local practices for the radiosondes and upper-air systems in use by Members.

(Summary retrieved from srrarasasa group of section 7 (31313) in TEMP messages and a4 code figures in TEMP and PILOT messages over GTS)

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Older edition of the Catalogue:



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