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Conference Services Unit

LCP Conference Services Unit (CNF) provides logistics support, including interpretation, meeting rooms, laptops and Internet access, as well as video conferencing and a complete range of audio-visual equipment, for all WMO constituent body sessions, both at the Secretariat and off site.

CNF also manages the WMO Conference Centre. The main conference hall, Salle Obasi, seats 275 participants. Its modern interpretation booths and equipment allow up to eight languages to be relayed simultaneously. Each delegate has access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Similar facilities –a lecture theatre seating 60 persons, with equipment for interpretation in five languages– are also available in Salle B. Salle C is a modular space with varying capacities of up to 120 participants. It can also be partitioned into two, three or four rooms accommodating up to 35 persons each.

For high-level meetings, the Press Room seats 46 participants in an executive boardroom configuration. Meetings in the Press Room can be conducted in four languages simultaneously. CNF also provides smaller meeting rooms (with a capacity of up to 18 participants) equipped with video-conference facilities, together with a variety of single, double and delegate offices.








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