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More than 50 permanent and part-time staff members comprise LCP. All fixed-term staff, that is, regular full-time employees, are recruited following the issuance of a vacancy notice posted in WMO Web Vacancies section (professional and general service posts).

Freelance professionals, notably translators and editors, but also proofreaders and desktop publishing specialists, hired on short-term contracts or for specific assignments, complete LCP in-house teams during peak periods. For interpretation, LCP relies on freelance conference interpreters, both in Geneva and abroad.

Experienced translators, editors, interpreters, proofreaders or desktop publishing specialists working in one of the six official languages of the United Nations and wishing to be considered for short-term contracts with LCP should e-mail their curriculum vitae or WMO Personal History Form to LCP at publications[at] While previous translation or editing experience is essential and having passed the United Nations translation and/or editing examination is considered an asset, candidates may be invited to take an internal WMO test before being included in the LCP freelance roster. Unpaid internships may be provided for a minimum period of three months. For further information, contact LCP at publications[at]






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