A lot of emphasis must be placed on the training of staff who will maintain the system. NMC must make all the efforts to provide their staff with at least the basics of computers. This will make the staff members benefit the more when they attend other computer related courses. The Nairobi course on, "The use of new technology for the exchange and processing of meteorological data and products" (RMTC, Nairobi, Kenya, 8-26 May 2000) was both opportune and excellent in content. But how much each individual course participant gained from the course must have depended on ones computer background. Time was definitely against "new comers to cyberland ".

Many human resource developers at NMC have well placed fear that computer training is a financial drain to the Service, because staff often go for "greener pasture " elsewhere on successful completion of their computer training. While this is something the NMCs may have to live with, NMCs should keep on hoping that some of the more committed professionals will remain with the Service.

Donors who offer to provide components of the data handling system should be reminded of the fact that their help will give a more lasting service if the NMC staff is provided with the required maintenance expertise. That expertise must be provided through: