The most desirable situation is achieved when the NMC establishes a high speed link (64 kbps) with the next hop RTH, preferable outside the RA I region and acquires its own block of IP addresses and so becomes a pseudo ISP on its own right. RTH Nairobi is one, with IP address 195.220.202.z. The "z" octet has been sub-netted and some of the sub-nets allocated to NMCs which are linked to it




Many of the server software implementations are likely to be bundled together. For example, WIN NT/WIN 2000 Server Network Operating System come bundled with all the above server options; all you have to do is to configure them on the PC. Otherwise, the two most important software in the server group are:


The Internet LAN can remain segregated from and independent of the AMSS LAN. When appropriate security measures have firmly been put in place (e.g. installation of "catapult " proxy server and/or Protocol Isolation with Server Replication Server) the Internet LAN can then be connected to the Operational Application LAN to end up with a configuration shown at Annex 3.