Starting from the basic system NMCs can enhance both the functionality and the power of the system by upgrading the GTS telecommunication links, adding or relocating hardware and upgrading or acquiring additional software as detailed in below. Annex 3 shows what a desirable computerised GDPS might look like.

5.2.1     The GTS Circuits

It is felt that one of the most serious constraints in the overall improvement of the GTS are the circuits that link the various components of this hierarchical communication system, both, in implementation and in the quality and speed of the circuits themselves. NMCs must continue to collaborate with their respective national telecommunication utilities to improve the situation. Where graphical products are to be transmitted, the NMCs should strive to have links that can operate at speeds of least 18 kbps, to speed up the reception of the products. RSMC with NWP models need high-speed links of 64 kbps or better. It is difficult to put a price tag to the links because of national tariff differences

NMCs may need to revisit the concept of dedicated national links. It may be more cost- effective to have links that are charged on the "per use " basis. Also NMCs may consider diving their area of responsibility into "zones". Observing stations would transmit their data to their respective zonal centres, which in turn would transmit the data to the NMC main data reception centre. The zonal offices could either be participants of a national " cloud " system using a public network domain or could have RAS connection (Ref.: Annex 2) to the NMC main data centre. The resources required at the zone offices:



Some NMCs who have tried this approach have experienced increased efficiency and financial savings.

The concept of a "cloud" system, which extends to the next higher level in the GTS hierarchical system, in which NMCs now constitute the cloud elements is worthy of further investigations.

5.2.2 The Applications Sub-system

The possible module of the application sub-system elaborated above can singly be added as and when the need arises and resources become available. With the data/products visualisation module as a starting point the Plotting, climatological, media, etc., modules can be added to the internal LAN to access the DBMS data/products bank. The computer hardware and software requirements for such modules have all been covered above.