Whereas it is possible to co-locate the pure AMSS function and the database management function on a single computer. The operations related to the two functions as well as software maintenance are normally performed by different staff categories. Hence, the need for having a separate Database Management System (DBMS) module on the LAN. The sub-system is to decode, reformat and quality control all data received from the AMSS. The data would subsequently be made available to ALL product-generating modules. Because DBMS module must have a rather extended time (up to several months) data storage capability and be available at all times.

The module should therefore consist of:

In the initial stages of the GDPS computerisation process the DBMS module could also be used for (mere) displaying and printing data/products. When the Operational Weather Forecasting Module comes on stream in the Product Generating sub-system the displaying and printing can then be performed by the module where further processing of the DBMS data will be performed too.