Keywords for Describing WMO Datasets
Last updated 26 April 2004

Please note that the following is a list of single keywords. These words would be combined within a keyword list (e.g. daily maximum temperature) to describe the content of datasets available for exchange.

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(any number) Chemistry Direction Glacial
Aerosol Climate Dissolved Global
Aerosols Climatology Divergence GPS
Agriculture Cloud Droplet Ground
Air Clouds Drought Growing
Altitude Component Dry Gust
Amount Condensation Dynamics Heating
Analyses Conductivity Electricity Height
Analysis Cooling Elevation Hour
Anomaly Cores Energy Hourly
Anomalies Cover Equivalent Humidity
Applied CREX Erosion Hurricane
Atmospheric Crop Evaporation Hydrology
Aviation Cyclone Evapotranspiration Hydrometeorology
Biometeorology Daily Events Ice
Boundary Day Extent Imagery
Brightness Days Extremes Index
BUFR Degree Forecast Instruments
Bulb Depth Forestry Land
Ceiling Dew Freeze Laser
Change Diffusion Frost Layer


Layers Ozone Rainfall Space
Level Paleoclimatology Rate Spectral
Lifted Period Ratio Speed
Lightning pH Reflectance Stability
Long Phenomena Reflectivity Storms
Marine Physics Relative Stratopause
Maximum Point Remote Stratosphere
Micrometeorology Pollution Rings Stratospheric
Minimum Potential Salinity Sunshine
Mixed Precipitable Satellite Surface
Mixing Precipitation Sea Swell
Model Present Sedimentation SYNOP
Modification Pressure Sensing System
Monthly Properties Short Temperature
Mountain Quality Size Tendency
Nuclei Radar Snow Thickness
Normals Radiance Snowfall Tide
Observation Radiation Soil Topography
Ocean Radiative Soils Track
Oceanography Radiological Solar Transport
Oxygen Rain Soundings Tree


Tropopause Type Virtual Weather
Troposphere Upper Vorticity Wind
Tropospheric Use Water Yield
Turbidity Vapour Wave  
Turbulence Volume Waves