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Expert Team on Surface-based Remotely-Sensed Observations (ET-SBRSO)

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Terms of Reference
(as approved by CBS-XIV)

In the area of weather radar and other surface-based remotely-sensed observations, the team should:

(a) Assess the potential capabilities of such observing systems, in terms of their observing characteristics (spatial and temporal resolution, accuracy, timeliness, etc.);

(b) Assess the status of implementation of and plans for such observing systems by WMO Members;

(c) Document the above capabilities and implementation status/plans, through updates to the WMO/CEOS database of observing system capabilities;

(d) In collaboration with ET-EGOS, assess the contribution of such observing systems to meeting the user requirements for observations for all application areas represented by WMO and WMO-sponsored programmes, as captured by the WMO/CEOS database of user requirements for observations and the Statement of Guidance;

(e) Make Recommendations on how the integration of such observing systems within the GOS might be taken forward;

(f) Assess the systems for collection and distribution of data from such observing systems, and make appropriate recommendations;

(g) Monitor the status of operational networks of such observing systems and provide technical advice on such systems, including both operational and R&D systems, to WMO Members and RAs;

(h) Provide advice and support to the Chairperson of OPAG-IOS on development and implementation of WIGOS concept.


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